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I’m one lucky girl.  When I married my husband 6 years ago, I also gained 3 of the most amazing sisters-in-law and I can tell you that you’d be hard pressed to find a bond tighter than ours.  So when one of them got married last month I knew 2 things for sure:  1) I wanted to skip out on being their hired photographer for the day so that I could really be a part of all the festivities and not work my butt off.  And 2) that I would still inevitably wind up shooting a ton because I can just never help myself!!! haha.

I thought I’d share a tiny glimpse into Susan & Dipesh’s wedding events from the perspective of me as a guest (and let me tell you, maneuvering around trying to get shots in my heavy and contricting traditional sari was not an easy feat!) First off, was the Mehndi Party where the ladies all got traditional henna tattoos applied.

For these cousins, only ONE thing tops getting to dress up in Disney princess dresses~ and that would be getting to wear Indian sari’s.  They LIVE for this.  😉

Then came the traditional Gujarati ceremony held at a temple.  Most of my shots were taken just from my seat in the crowd with my 50mm lens~ I had to constantly resist my natural urge to jump up and get right in there for the shots!

Indian ceremonies can be long~ kids gotta do what they gotta do to pass the time 😉

So after the ceremony I did get to don my “Wedding Photographer” cap for just a bit as I took Susan, Dipesh and their bridal party Jasmine & Danny to the Art Gallery of Alberta for their “US” session.  I loooved how the colors of their outfits really popped against the clean lines of the venue.

“Stunning” does not begin to describe Susan!  Dipesh, you’re not looking too shabby either 😉

Suz~ you know I love you like a sister, and Dipesh~ welcome officially to the family!  You two are perfect together and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you.  Now go make some baby cousins for Aaliyah & Kai!!


  • stephscade said:

    WOW!! Beautiful, wonderful, & sweet. amazing images :)

  • Rebecca said:

    Absolutley stunning! Fantastic photo's Kat and what fun it must have been!

  • Irene Austen said:

    bollywood worthy...and I mean that with huge respect. Unreal attention to detail and these people could be models. Beautiful work...

  • sharon said:

    These are GORGEOUS Kat!! Their outfits really POPPED in the art gallery!!! AMAZING!

  • meghan said:

    beautiful and soooo stunning!

  • Anita said:

    Ahhhhhh.... I loveeeee these!!! Kat, you are seriously amazing at capturing the most important moments in life. P.s. you marrying my brother was the best thing he could have done for us. You make an amazing sister <3

  • andrea said:

    kat!! these are insanely gorgeous. wow! so so so beautiful.

  • Davina said:

    You make me wanna buy a really big and expensive camera... and stare at it cuz I wouldn't know how to work it. LOVE the pictures!!! I guess it helps when you have flawless models to photograph!

  • Renee W. said:

    WOW! Kat i knew you were talented but this is crazzzyyy! haha for real! amazing job suje couldnt have asked for more! :0

  • Sandy said:

    Just GORGEOUS!!! Ahhh 6 months, 2 weeks left!!

  • justine said:

    Your work is breathtaking! I can't take my eyes off these wedding photos!

  • Kat said:

    Oh my~ thank you everyone for your super sweet words!! I love these 2 so much and am so glad to share their day. And yes, they're easy on the eyes :)

  • Cherie said:

    O-M-G!! Wow soo stunning! I like the location, I like the outfits, I like the ceremony, I like the little girls (too cute!) but most importantly I love the people! What a special day for you all & how wonderful you got to capture their love & union with your camera. Yet again Kat - beautiful.

  • Miranda said:

    Stunning, Stunning, and STUNNING! Kat - you must've had a great seat in the house - as always super amazing pics! Susan - you are incredibly beautiful - looks like your wedding day was amazing. Congrats again! You girls (and family) are incredibly lucky to be so tightly woven.

  • saveena said:

    amazing photos!! Love everything about it! Congratulations to the whole family!

  • kelsy said:

    Most amazing Indian wedding images I have ever seen. WOW!!

  • nina said:

    gorgeous! the picture of the two of them (the one from the teaser) seriously needs to be on the cover of a magazine!

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