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Renae & Jan were our last wedding of 2012 and  Cheryl’s last wedding as my official second shooter!  It was a bittersweet day for sure– so much beauty, love and joy typical of a perfect wedding day and being able to work with my best friend doing something that we both love… but definitely mixed with a bit of sadness too as this part of our journey together comes to an end.  I don’t think we’ll completely shut the book on anything though– who knows, if a wedding comes along and the timing is right– we may just see a Kat & Cheryl reunion in the future.  Never say never 🙂

What a great wedding to sign off on though!  Renae & Jan got married at Fort Edmonton Park and it was the first time we’d ever shot there.  Let me tell you, it was amazing!!  It was like stepping back in time with so much inspiration everywhere for a photographer!  The location suited them so perfectly and with all of their beautiful rustic, vintage details– everything just came together so amazingly.  I’m so glad we were able to capture their vision for them to cherish forever.  Here’s some of my favorites from their day~

We all then headed off to the Hotel Selkirk which was in Fort Edmonton Park.  Renae & Jan each had their own rooms to get ready in and it was within walking distance from the church.  All in all, the getting ready part of their morning was very peaceful, relaxing and wonderful!

Doesn’t Renae have the most captivating eyes?  So beautiful!

This wedding party was such a blast!  Totally up for anything and had me and Cheryl in stitches most of the time 🙂

As I already mentioned, there was so much inspiration here!  We literally could’ve shot there all day.  One of my favorites was when we headed over the the carnival– and because it was a pretty stormy, cloudy day, the place was practically deserted.  And I know this may sound strange, but there was just something about it being deserted that gave it a feel I just loved!!  You know me… I love clouds, wind and gloominess!  It just adds an element of romance that isn’t so expected.

Well it looks like our 5 year lucky streak is now over!  Cheryl and I have been lucky enough to have NEVER been rained out on a wedding day… until now!!  I know you can’t tell in these pictures, but it had started to rain.  Just seconds before this shot below was taken, Cheryl was holding an umbrella over their heads!  We quickly shot a few and then ran into an old log cabin for shelter until the rain passed.  It was absolutely crazy and I have to give Renae & Jan MAJOR props– because they were like rockstars!  We all ran around like crazy people in the rain and managed to get some amazing shots and  have a great time while doing so!  My kind of clients 🙂

We probably never would’ve gone into this dark log cabin had it not been raining… just another lesson to go with the flow and not get frazzled by circumstances!  Turns out, these are some of my favorite shots from the whole day!

And luckily after only about 10-15 minutes of heavy rain, it eased up and we were able to keep going.  Gotta love a happy ending!!

We then headed back to the Hotel Selkirk which was where they had their beautiful and intimate reception.  Such a perfect venue for anyone looking for a nice, vintage-feeling reception location– I loved it!  And Renae & Jan did such an amazing job with all the details– like this gorgeous desert table.  So much eye candy for my camera 🙂

Renae & Jan~  Thank you so much for being such amazing troopers throughout the whole day.  After everything we went through with the rain and your ability to just rise to any occasion, I can tell that you’lllikely approach your future life together in the same way.  We hope these pictures capture the love and emotion of your special day– you absolutely deserve it!

Special thanks to these great vendors that helped bring their vision to life:

Hotel Selkirk – Reception venue

Heather de Kok Floral Design – Florals

Astrid Woodard – Hair & Makeup

Cakes by Candace – Cake



  • Eva Holden said:

    so beautiful!

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    Sooooooooooooooo Beautiful!!!

  • Ashley said:

    Absolutely amazing photos.....Beautiful bride and stunning pics!!!

  • Shauna said:

    Beautiful! These photos definitely capture how amazing the day was! You look gorgeous Renea!And you look pretty good too, Jan.

  • Anne said:

    Awesome photos! The variety of settings and things photographed makes it a great album.

  • Karen said:

    What fantastic shots of such a wonderful couple and beautiful!

  • Sandy said:

    I love all the pictures but I think my favorite ones would be when Renae is getting in to her dress and her mom is helping her very cherished pictures.

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    Very beautiful pictures.

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    Absolutely stunning photos! You guys look great!!

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    It was a beautiful day and these photos captured every moment!! Gorgeous!

  • Shanna said:

    Renae and Jan- these pictures are so beautiful! So original! Your photographers are amazing, but they did have 2 amazing people to start out with:). Thanks for sharing!

  • vikki said:

    love love them!

  • Rachel Pharo said:

    Gorgeous photos, bride, and groom!

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    Amazing photos! Best wedding photos ever!!

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    These photos are fantastic! Wishing you a fantastic life together!

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    Beautiful bride and groom! Beautiful photos!

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    Nice pics!

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    Fantastic, beautiful pictures!

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    STUNNING photos! So artistic, yet so personal & touching!

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    The camera captured your special day with grace and elegance. Congratulations to Renae and Jan

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    Wow.... beautiful pictures! Very classy and well done!

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    Beautiful pictures!

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    absolutely stunning pictures. I wish I had Katch studios do my wedding!

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