monica & joe: married

As you look through Monica & Joe‘s wedding photos, a couple things will become blatantly apparent:  1.  Their huge wedding party was full of gorgeous people that knew how to work it for our cameras   2. The day was full of love, beauty and fun… and 3.  Monica & Joe could not look any more natural and at ease– these are 2 people who are clearly crazy for each other.

Their special day was our first wedding of the year and like a kid in a candy store– I had a super hard time narrowing down my favorites to share with you all!  So sit back, make yourself comfy and enjoy this peak into what was a beautiful wedding for a sweet and adorable couple~

Talk about a bunch of naturals!  Large bridal parties can often be tricky to work with but these girls & guys were like a bunch of pros.

Then it was time to sneak away with just Monica and Joe and —man oh man, did we have to work fast!  The threat of rain kept looming over us in huge ominous grey clouds but these two didn’t let it bother them one bit!  We managed to take a bunch of great shots before the rain finally won and we gave in and ran for our cars!  No joke— we had our cameras shoved into our jackets as it poured all over us!

It was just starting to really come down as I suddenly stopped, asked Monica & Joe for this last couple shots under these trees and without even miss a beat, they struck this gorgeous pose and then within seconds we all literally booked it again once I yelled “got it!”.  And that is why I love our clients!!  Remember my motto:  “Anything for the shot!” haha  **If you look really carefully you can see raindrops falling on them.

We retreated back to their hotel The Westin Edmonton and snapped a couple shots before heading back outside when the rain stopped for a little walk downtown before the reception.

Thanks to Jolyn of Nuance Occasions for pulling the room together at the Westin.  For any brides out there looking for an amazing Wedding Planner definitely go check her out!

Monica & Joe~ We had such an amazing time with you guys on your wedding day.  Thank you so much for being so fun and for always wearing your love on your sleeves for us to capture so genuinely.

Special Thanks to the always awesome, always adventurous Sharon Litchfield for lending us your talents that day.


  • sharon said:

    You never seize to blow me away woman with your vision and talent! These photos are ridiculous and I love your use off camera flash. Trust me, it was really my treat to shoot along side you!! Love you loads!