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You know how they say “good things happen to good people”?  Well, that was proven to me over and over during this beautiful wedding, and I truly can’t think of a couple that’s more deserving of an amazing wedding.  Krista and Paul’s relationship was really put to the test when Krista’s family lost their home and all their belongings in the devastating Slave Lake fire last year.  Without hesitation –and after not dating for very long– Paul’s family took all five of them in to live with them.  The bonds that have been formed through this difficult time were beautifully evident at their wedding in July, and I feel truly honoured to have been able to witness so much love.

I already got to photograph this stunning couple amongst the cherry blossoms for their engagement session, and it was there that I first witnessed how sweet and loving Krista and Paul were with each other.  So when their wedding day rolled around and the weather forecasts were all calling for heavy rain and thunderstorms, Cheryl and I were a bit crestfallen.  Up until this point, we’ve had some crazy luck and had never been rained out for any of our weddings.  In the wedding world, that’s pretty insane!  Well, remember how I said that “good things happen to good people”?  Scroll through this blog post to see how Krista & Paul’s wedding day unfolded, and see why it’ll always go down in my memories as such an unforgettable day.

Krista had one of my favorite stylists doing her hair & makeup so I knew she’d be in good hands!  Thank you so much Sunita Sumaru for always making my clients look their best!

Krista’s florals were done by my favorite florist in the city- Janine at Fabloomosity.  She always does an amazing job!

The wedding all took place at Shalom Park a few miles south of Edmonton, and on our drive up it was POURING rain.  I’m talking heavy, fat rain– so bad I could barely see where I was driving.  I knew they had planned for an outdoor ceremony so I was really worried for them.  And since we were out in the middle of nowhere, our options for indoor locations to do their photos were also pretty bleak.  So when Cheryl and I arrived at the ceremony location to see that it was dry and still set up for outside we were stoked!  The clouds were still pretty ominous above us, but it just had to hold off for a bit longer…

I love the shots below.  That’s Krista’s mom crying in the foreground as her dad walks her down the aisle.

OK, so here’s where it got crazy.  It started raining in the middle of the ceremony but Krista and Paul never let it faze them!  And it was as if everyone was just determined to stay put and be there for Krista & Paul for their special moment– including us–so we just kept shooting!  The pictures below just warm my heart and remind me of why I love shooting weddings so much.  Because as quickly as the rain came, by some miracle–it went away just as quickly!  I’ll always remember just being so happy and cheering along with everyone else as they came beaming back down the aisle.

And their luck just didn’t run out.   The rain kept threatening us for hours with drops here and there, but never fully made it’s appearance.  I later found out that it indeed had rained all over the rest of Edmonton.  Everywhere except where we were!  And to top it off, I got to shoot with 2 of my favorite things:  clouds and wind.  Clouds add so much drama to the sky and cut back on the harsh afternoon sunlight that we normally have to work around.   And nothing is more romantic and adds more movement and life to a photo than wind.  Swoon!

This wedding produced SO MANY new all-time favorites for me.  This shot below is just so… well to quote celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe:  I die.  I die.  (haha!)

OK so can we just address the obvious?  Aren’t these two absolutely gorgeous??  You know what’s even more awesome?  That they’re 2 of the nicest, most down to earth and genuine people you’ll ever meet.  Through all the crazy weather, through all the random dirty and rough terrain, through everything, they were smiling, laughing and snuggling like 2 peas in a happy little pod.   I can’t stress enough how much I LOVED photographing them.

Krista & Paul~  We laughed hard, we shed many tears, but most of all, Cheryl and I were honoured to play such an important role in documenting all the love that was at your wedding.  We hope that these pictures will find a special place on the walls of your new home together, as well as in your parents’ new home as they begin to rebuild all that they had lost. We hope that they will forever remind you of this perfectly unperfect day.

Big hugs!



  • Nicole said:

    These are so so amazing!

  • Ky said:

    Wow. These shots are amazing. It looks like Krista and Paul are models. Beautiful couple inside and out!

  • Karlie said:

    All of these Pictures are so Stunning! Absolutely gorgeous Paul and Krista.

  • Amy said:

    Such a beautiful couple, and day! Great job capturing such an amazing day for Paul and Krista. LOVE THEM!

  • Holly Josey said:

    Outstanding photos of memories made and cherished.Amazing photographers...stunning! Thanks girls!

  • Holly Josey said:

    Outsatnding photos of memories made and cherished.Living the day again,what fun! Amazing work girls!!!!!!

  • Siera said:

    So beautiful!! I love the rings on the cupcakes! I havent seen that before.
    Krista youre stunning

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  • Katie said:

    LOVE!!!! Soooo Beautiful!!!!!

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    These pictures capture the essence of a wedding. Fantastic job

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    Wicked awesome.

  • Monique said:

    These photos are breathtaking and bring so much emotion up for me. My favorite part of these photos is that they possess such a dark and contemporary romance while at the same time filled with so much light and obvious love for each other. I have to agree that the wind and clouds brings such a unique and how you quoted it, "unperfectly perfect memory." Beautiful people

  • Dayna said:

    Fabulous photos of such super day!

  • Dayna said:

    *such a super day! :-)

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    Wow! What amazing photos!! And whoa those 2 will make some beautiful babies! I want a wedding do over! haha

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    Absolutely stunning photos! Krista you look like you are having the best day of your life in all of them! look pretty happy too Paul.

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    These are absolutely beautiful, and of course I had tears in my eyes watching the slide show. Paul and Krista are such an amazing beautiful couple. So proud of Krista and to have Paul as part of our family!!

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    These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations again, Krista and Paul!

  • Melissa said:


  • Dad said:

    You ladies did an amazing job of capturing one of the best days of my life. We're going to have so much fun deciding which of these pictures gets hung up in the new house.

  • Dad said:

    You ladies did an amazing job of capturing one of the most amazing days of my life. We are going to have so much fun choosing which of this photos to go on the walls of our new house.

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    Wow Krista J, the most amazing wedding photography i have ever seen. Watched the slide show a couple times,,just brings a tear to my eye. Your pics are so beautiful and amazing! If i were to ever get married again..(which i don't plan on) I would definately use katchstudios. :)

  • Kaitlyn said:

    These photos are amazing, you have captured the essence, purity and quirky-ness of their love! It was such a fabulous day to share with these two and I am glad you captured all of the important moments for them! I love everything about your work and dedication to your clients! Congratulations again Paul and Krista- perhaps Kat will get to do a Maternity shoot for you next ;) haha

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