joyce & calvin: married | vancouver wedding photographer

This wedding was pretty bittersweet for us.  It was officially our last wedding shooting together in Vancouver for me and Cheryl, and it couldn’t have been for a more wonderful couple!  Joyce and Calvin are absolutely adorable together and we had such an amazing time creating beautiful photos with them.  I’m going to miss the gorgeous backdrop that is Vancouver– so many beautiful places to shoot.  Just take a look at their engagement session to see what I mean!

I think their wedding pictures are even more stunning though!  We started off the day with Joyce getting ready, and that was followed by a lovely traditional Chinese tea ceremony at each of the parents’ houses. My jaw literally dropped to the ground when I saw Joyce in her red dress for the first time!  Usually the bride wears a pretty traditional Chinese dress– I loooved her modern take on it.  Absolute perfection!

I LOVE this shot of Joyce.  Pure joy– and she’s just got the best smile!

We then headed to the always beautiful Fairmont Hotel Vancouver— little did we know we needed to book time to shoot there.  Luckily, we managed to get a bunch of amazing shots before getting kicked out.  haha!! It was totally worth it!

After being kicked out, we strolled on over to the Vancouver Art Gallery— the building beautifully cut the strong afternoon light for us and we got some really pretty, romantic shots.  Joyce & Calvin make it just so easy too– they’re so playful and sweet!

Then it was time to head to the reception and we couldn’t wait!!  It was held at the incredibly elegant  Terminal City Club.  I’d heard great things and it definitely lived up to it’s reputation.

Partway through the reception, Joyce changed back into her gorgeous red dress, and Cheryl and I couldn’t resist sneaking them out for some more photos.  Luckily they were more than game 😉

Joyce and Calvin~ Thank you for being such a gracious and lovely couple.  We know you’ve recently made the big move to Hong Kong, and we hope these pictures will always give you great memories of this special time in your lives in Vancouver.




  • Lindsay said:

    omgosh...just incredible. your photographic storytelling gives me goosies every time. LOVE LOVE LOVE. xo

  • Sheila said:

    Beautiful - as always, love the reception photos and the one of the wedding party going up the steps, really shows off the details of her dress, even from far off.

  • Farrah Hasham said:

    These gave me goosebumps!!! So very beautiful, what a stunning couple, and gorgeous photos as always Kat! :)

  • Carmen said:

    Hi Kat! I'm a fan of your work, so inspiring!! Question... how do you get that beautiful tilt shift effect that I totally adore of your images? I love the picture you posted on your facebook of the girl and the horse, so beautiful!!! I notice you use that look on some of your shots. Is there a specific lens you use? I'm debating on a lensbaby...