anita & naresh: married | edmonton wedding photographer

Isn’t this one gorgeous group of people??  I might be just a tad bit biased considering three of them are my sisters-in-law whom I love dearly– but for real, that’s a lot of beautiful in one photo!   I’m super excited to share this blog post because it’s a personal one.   This past April, Anita & Naresh got hitched in Honolulu, Hawaii, and a bunch of our family and friends were there for one of the most beautiful and memorable weddings I’ve ever been to!  It’s a very rare thing for me to be able to just attend a wedding and not be the photographer working, but for family weddings I always insist on being a guest so that I can really be present and enjoy it along with everyone else.  The next best thing I could do for Anita & Naresh though, was photograph their portraits and that, I was more than happy & honoured to do 🙂  In between the traditional Sikh ceremony and the amazing beachfront reception, I swept them off for a couple hours and I’m excited now to share some of my favourite photos from their wedding portraits session~

Anita’s hair and makeup were done by her gorgeous and talented sisters Sunita & Susan (also pulling double duty as her bridesmaids seen here!)  Together, the 3 of them own and operate Sen Studios. We really kept it all in the family for this wedding! 🙂

After their ceremony, Anita & Naresh changed into their reception outfits.  All the photos were taken on site at the classically gorgeous Moana Surfrider Resort & Spa in Waikiki.

Anita & Naresh~  I think you two already know how special you are to me and how much I love you both!  Anita, it’s been so amazing watching you go from a cute little 11 year old girl, to the smart, beautiful and strong woman you are today.  I love you like my own little sister, and I’ll always have your back.  You couldn’t have chosen a more perfect partner to share your life with– Naresh, you’re probably the only person that can ever truly go head to head with Anita and for that, we love you dude!  I’m sure that’s exactly why she loves you too 😉  Your sharp humour is almost your best quality– second only to your authenticity.  I love you both so much and wish you a long and happy life together!!

  • Naresh said:

    OMG these rock. Thanks Kat!

  • Denise said:

    these are all so incredibly beautiful!! wow wow wow!

  • Coryjohnn said:

    wondering photography.. you are also know how to capture emotions.. cool pics.. I am externally impress to see these type of photography.. i liked them a lot.. :D :D