julie & kyle: engaged | edmonton wedding photographer

I knew I liked Julie when she told me that in high school she used her friend’s Facebook account and pretended to be her to get Kyle to ask her out.  ha!  Talk about a good story to tell the grandkids 🙂  I knew I liked Kyle when we first all met up to do their engagement session this fall and he agreed to hop on Julie’s back for a piggyback ride (keep in mind he’s like 6 feet tall while she’s about a foot shorter than him).  These two clearly don’t take themselves too seriously and they know how to have a good time together.  In fact, a good chunk of our night was also spent trying to convince Julie that she in fact, should NOT hang upside down from a big tree off a skinny little branch!  So much fun this night and now I’m so stoked to shoot their wedding this fall!   Here’s some of my favourites from their super cute engagement session~

  • rachel said:

    These are so perfect. Love your style :) Couldn't pick a favorite, they're all so sweet!