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baby tristan | edmonton newborn photographer

Last summer, we shot a beautiful wedding for Miranda & Joe and let’s just say they didn’t waste any time getting a bun in the ol’ oven!  They welcomed Baby Tristan earlier this month and man oh man is he one perfect little baby.  He may have been a bit too perfect in fact, as […]

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May 27, 2011 - 3:10 pm

Melissa Such great photos of baby T! The Wensels sure are an attractive looking family. Love it!

May 27, 2011 - 4:21 pm

sharon Congratulations Miranda!! Kat, these are SO Sweet!! What a way to capture the start of a new family!! I feel all warm and fuzzy now.

May 27, 2011 - 4:32 pm

Miranda We love these – thank you for capturing our family for us Kat. Now I cannot complain that there are no photos of baby T and I 🙂 L.O.V.E. Some of my favs are also in the slideshow…this is going to be difficult to choose, once again!

May 27, 2011 - 9:15 pm

Cori Great pictures Mir! So many good ones but I just love the first one of the three of you in black in white up close. Precious pictures to have.

May 27, 2011 - 9:32 pm

Andrew Pretty Cute, great photos! Amazing photos again.

May 27, 2011 - 9:42 pm

andy wensel LOVE these. Can’t wait to see you guys and the little man again.

May 28, 2011 - 3:09 am

Amy Poon Lovely baby boy…made by lovely couple !!

May 28, 2011 - 2:36 pm

Kari WOW!!! These photos are incredible (so is the little family).

May 28, 2011 - 3:08 pm

Joyce Snell Beautiful baby boy and beautiful looking Mom and Dad! He is so precious! May your family grow in Love and Happiness!

May 28, 2011 - 7:34 pm

Tony Wong Wow! Nice & creative shots, what a cute little baby, pretty mom, and good looking dad!
from Grandpa Tony

May 28, 2011 - 8:17 pm

Jenny WOW!!! Many amazing photos, I love them all….. He’s so adorable baby boy from the perfect couple……. :o)

May 28, 2011 - 8:47 pm

Lish I am so smitten with these pictures! What a beautiful baby boy and family! I am so excited for you guys! You are amazing people and that little boy is so very lucky to have you rasing and teaching what life has to offer! Congratulations WENSELS!!! xoxo

May 30, 2011 - 8:03 am

Jana Beautiful beautiful pics!!! So handsome 🙂

May 31, 2011 - 8:49 pm

Beth-Ann These pictures are amazing 🙂 What a beautiful family Miranda!

June 24, 2011 - 12:34 am

Sandy Oh my goodness!! I can’t believe they already have a little one!! He’s just adorable!! Great photos and congrats to the new parents!

June 11, 2014 - 9:38 pm

St. Joseph’s Basilica Edmonton Wedding. Linda + Eric. » Miranda Wensel Photography Journal […] birth of my son (of which Kat of Katch Studios photographed his birth – again, check them out HERE) before I started it, but I never would’ve believed it, or thought that it was possible, that […]

baby austin | vancouver newborn photographer

These pictures of sweet baby Austin with his parents Mina and Rob bring me back to that beautiful Sunday afternoon I spent with them.  During our session, Mina and Rob made me feel more like Austin’s aunt dropping in for a visit than their photographer – that’s just their nature (and why I love them). Baby […]

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May 27, 2011 - 1:14 pm

Lana Shipley Beautiful photos, Cheryl – as always! I got to see the HP/Canucks shots as well and they are great. Knowing them all, I really love how you truly caught all of their personalities in their shots (including Austin’s little smile in there in a few places).

baby trystan

This has got to be the sweetest, most peaceful little guy I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing.  In fact, baby Trystan was so adorably sleepy and comfortable, that for the first time ever for me, the challenge was actually to get a shot of him where he wasn’t sleeping so we could get a […]

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September 28, 2010 - 7:44 pm

Mark Boulter Good looking group!!

September 29, 2010 - 6:57 am

brooke Beautiful pictures!

September 29, 2010 - 6:58 am

brooke Beautiful pictures! He looks like he was in a cocoon.

September 29, 2010 - 7:27 am

Anita What a great looking family!

September 29, 2010 - 7:29 am

Gordon & Margaret They are all wonderful and I agree you definitely captured how peaceful and happy Trystan truly is . The color one of him on his tummy would absolutely melt any hearts of stone on the spot. The color picture with Ryan in white and Trystan against Chelsea’s darker dress and them looking at the baby WOW thats a beautiful family. Well Done

September 29, 2010 - 8:06 am

Trent and Pamela West LOVE , LOVE , LOVE the pic of the teeny little “tootsies” ! :o)
Congratulations !!

September 29, 2010 - 8:11 am

Caitlin Forester Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. Love you guys!

September 29, 2010 - 8:58 am

Brandi Once again, I am speechless at how breathtaking these pics are! A picture of true beauty and happiness!

September 29, 2010 - 8:59 am

Brandi I am speechless at how breathtaking these are! A picture of true beauty and happiness!

September 29, 2010 - 9:21 am

John Forester Wow you guys. Some of these could be used in Ann Geddes pictures. Easy to see why you use Katch Studios.

September 29, 2010 - 10:26 am

Sharon & Ernie Tustian We have never seen such beautiful photos , so clear, sharp, and the lighting just perfect.. Every photo was an awe……….
Thanks for sharing. Never change studios…

September 29, 2010 - 11:17 am

Raegan I love all the pictures!! They all are very well done. Trystan looks so peaceful!!

September 29, 2010 - 10:57 pm

Rima Coates Congratulations you two! Your son is the cutest baby boy I have EVER seen!! You picked the perfect photographer to capture the magic of your little family. GodBless!!

October 4, 2010 - 9:27 pm

Demara What a picture perfect family captured by a truly amazing photographer!

baby sam

I’ve been patiently waiting to meet Sam and take his picture from the moment my good friend Lana told me she was pregnant.   The wait is finally over and let me tell you, it was well worth it!  Sam, from his porcelain smooth skin, gorgeous soft hair (which, by the way, just happens to be […]

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August 25, 2010 - 11:55 am

Yong-Jae Kim Chad is perfect! Congratulations you guys.

August 25, 2010 - 7:39 pm

Louise Gorgeous photos of a beautiful boy. I love the colour one of Lana, Chad and Sam together. Congratulations!!

August 25, 2010 - 7:57 pm

Mandeep Great photos Cheryl! Sam is such a cutie!!

September 6, 2010 - 5:47 pm

sharon Awww….baby Sam is so cute!! Nice to see Cheryl’s words and work on the blog!!

September 10, 2010 - 10:50 pm

Yong-Jae Chad is perfect!

baby jack

This little man and I go way back.  He may only be a couple months old but we spent one amazing day together back in September.  OK, OK– now before you all start wondering what crazy pills I took, let me explain 😉   We had the privilege of shooting his parents’ romantic and intimate […]

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April 21, 2010 - 7:14 am

Vesna Bidniak AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!The pics are sooooooo beautiful!!!I love them!!! You did such a wonderful job considering all the pooping, peeing, spitting up and crying LOL!! You wouldn’t even know we faced those ‘cute’ obstacles by looking at these pics. Once again Kat, you totally outdid yourself.

April 21, 2010 - 7:25 am

Vesna Bidniak P.S. that slideshow is amazing…great song! 🙂

April 21, 2010 - 8:00 am

Ruth (or Mémé to Jack) Absolutely stunning! A picture is indeed worth a thousand words….. Thank you for sharing them with us. Terry and I can’t wait to meet Jack and see you both again soon, Donny and Vesna. Love, Ruth/Mémé

April 21, 2010 - 8:10 am

cheyanne OMG!!! Kat I am sooo jealous that you were off work when our little guy was born!!! Never before have I seen such fantastic pictures!!! Vessna & Donny, Jack just completes your beautiful family you guys are sooo gorgeous! I actually cried a little when i was looking at your pictures! Luv ya’s

The Stewarts!

April 21, 2010 - 8:33 am

Kristen Kos OMG Kat those are GORGEOUS!!!!! Guess it also helps when you working with Super Models! Lol!

Great pics guys, Auntie Kristen will be anxiously awaiting for a picture to put in her office! 😀


April 21, 2010 - 8:55 am

Linda Sahli Congratualtions, Vesna, on your beautiful family. I love the photos!

April 21, 2010 - 9:34 am

Lisa Sinclair Such a beautiful baby boy from two equally beatiful parents. Great pictures guys, you are all very photogenic!

April 21, 2010 - 9:35 am

Lori Beautiful images! Love!! Your studio has amazing light! And I love the white floors. 🙂 What a gorgeous family with stunning blue eyes.

April 21, 2010 - 9:44 am

Natalija Kat those are the most Beautiful pictures I have ever seen, besides from her wedding! I wish I knew you when my kids were babies! I can’t wait to see how your family grows Vesna and Donny! Love you guys!

April 21, 2010 - 9:49 am

Cherie Ok so I am going to say what everyone else said “Stunning, amazing, beautiful!” What a breathtaking family & yet again Kat you captured their love on camera. Jack is such a handsome little man but it is no wonder looking at his hot parents where he got it. Much love to this family & to Kat for sharing it with us!

April 21, 2010 - 9:50 am

Nola Kulchisky WOW…awesome pics and slideshow. Beautiful family captured in these photos!

April 21, 2010 - 10:03 am

Kris Epic shots. Great family photos! Looks like a magazine promotion, very professional.

April 21, 2010 - 10:05 am

Jaimie Boden Very nice photos!! Thanks for sharing:-)

Jaimie Boden

April 21, 2010 - 10:07 am

Monique Great job on these shots! Baby Jack is adorable.

April 21, 2010 - 10:24 am

Tyler You have a beautiful family!

April 21, 2010 - 10:33 am

Lora Tilley Donny & Vesna, Jack is Adorable….Great Pictures Kat!

April 21, 2010 - 11:37 am

debbie keyko WOW…beautiful pics and what a beautiful family!!!I am so very happy for you Vesna

April 21, 2010 - 12:32 pm

sharon Awww…these are so cute Kat!! I agree with Vesna, you wouldn’t have been able to tell there were any crying, pooping or puking going on at all! The studio worked out beautifully btw!!

April 21, 2010 - 3:30 pm

Heather Great pics Kat!!! What a beautiful family 🙂

April 21, 2010 - 7:49 pm

Nan and Caden Thank you for sharing your intimate and beautiful family photos. Caden and I were both absolutly in awe of Jack’s eyes….Caden’s favorite picture is of Jack and the white sheep. I just loved them all! Hope we can see all of you soon.

April 21, 2010 - 8:31 pm

Lisa Bidniak-Schumann My beautiful Jack!!!! There was never a doubt that you would steal Aunties Heart!!!! Beautiful pictures!!!

April 22, 2010 - 6:06 pm

Angela Kerr What an adorable baby, and such beautiful photos! Congrats to you, Vesna & Donny, and to you, Kat for your talents!

April 22, 2010 - 7:11 pm

Colette Benoit These are absolutely amazing photos of Jack! Kat you did a wonderful job as always and Vesna and Donny you guys look pretty good yourselves.

April 26, 2010 - 1:45 am

petra beutiful pictures, beautiful baby Jack! .-) <3
cestitam draga moja!
pusa, petra

May 10, 2010 - 10:00 pm

Laura Perfect pictures you guys – congrats again on the adorable bundle of joy!!! Looking forward to meeting him!

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