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Vancouver holiday

So we just got back from a little holiday in Vancouver– not for work at all– this trip was purely for fun and to visit with the family 🙂  It’s been pretty non-stop busy around here as of late so I really welcomed the chance to just relax and recharge with my husband and kids.  We also managed to leave right before that last unpleasant dump of snow and lucked out with some incredibly warm and beautiful Spring weather.

I’ve been obsessed with my iPhone’s camera lately and decided not to bring my SLR for this trip.  With the great quality of the phone’s camera and the all the rad photo editing apps that are out there now, I just love it!  Here’s a sampling of our trip with photos all taken with my iPhone~


We spent one lovely afternoon at English Bay hunting for baby crabs and it was so beautiful and fun!  We spent tons of time with Cheryl and her family too which was great.  She’s expecting her second baby in just 6 weeks and we’re so excited!!  Here, her son Dax makes his appearance with my kids Aaliyah and Kai.

If you’re looking for some new shots of actual clients that’s coming soon!  Until then, hope you enjoy this glimpse into our personal lives 🙂


July 27, 2017 - 6:09 am

Lisa Chy Hi Kat,

I’m looking to do a photo session with my daughter sometime in August for her 1st birthday. 8/16 would be ideal but pretty flexible. I know it’s wedding season so weekdays/weeknights are better. Please send along a quote when you have a minute and until I hear back from you, cheers!



Sorry for the absence of posts lately on this blog.  As wedding season winds down, and boudoir season picks up– I’ve been updating more regularly over at our other blog.  To check out those pictures just visit our Boudoir Blog by clicking on THIS LINK.  I haven’t been shooting much as far as weddings and engagements over the winter, but with my trusted iPhone always on hand, I’ve managed to capture a lot of what life has looked like behind the scenes.

Here’s a little collage I put together with pictures from my Instagram account.  If you’d like to follow my personal pictures on Instagram, here’s my username:  “@katgill_”


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