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my latest project: baby! sneak peek

So that’s me posing with my hands around my latest labour of love– Baby Gill #2!  It’s an exciting time around the Gill Household as Gurdeep and I brace ourselves for another round of sleepless months, and Aaliyah eagerly anticipates the arrival of her “Christmas Brother” as we like to call him(yes, it’s a “him”!) We had the pleasure of being photographed by the very talented Sharon Litchfield— who also happens to be a good friend and frequent shooting partner of mine since Cheryl resides in Vancouver.  She very generously shot the images but let me edit them.  So here’s a sneak peek at our collaborative efforts 🙂

Lots more to come from our super fun shoot so check back soon!

vesna & donny: married

What could make photographing one of the most special days of a couple’s life even better? –when that couple also happens to be friends of yours!  I always knew that Vesna & Donny were a good time (you should see the get ups they’ve sported at our many themed parties!!) but seeing their deep and utter love for each other as they exchanged their “I do’s” in front of only a very select few closest friends and family, just made me adore them even more!  Their day was so perfectly them: beautiful, intimate and heartfelt.  Oh, and I should also throw in there that they also happen to be drop dead gorgeous too!

Check out some of our favorite shots from their day.

Donny taking a moment to go over his personally written vows.

Somehow I always manage to be lined up with my favorite makeup artist/stylist Sunita Sumaru— could it be because she’s the BEST?

OK it’s official–  I have been self-diagnosed with “Blue Eye Envy”

Their ceremony was held at the beautiful Devonian Botanic Garden

Love this moment they shared after their ceremony ended– total joy!

Then it was off to a beautiful little piece of private property– all’s fair in love and wedding photography I say!

There she goes giving me eye envy again!

Vesna looking a lot like Courtney Cox, don’t you think?

Donny’s turn to show off his handsome good looks!

Vesna & Donny~  Thanks for braving the crazy grasshoppers, for being so open and affectionate for us, but most of all– for letting us be such a big part of your intimate wedding.  We loved hearing about how you guys fell in love and it only made us fall in love with you both too!

Your friend,

dana & jeremy: wedding sneak peek

OK so that’s it!  We’ve officially just shot our last wedding of the year– and WOW did we cap it off in style! Dana & Jeremy have so much style in fact, that I literally was hoping that if I stood near them for long enough some of it would accidently drip onto me via osmosis.  No joke.  Here are some teasers from their glamourous wedding on Friday!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

danielle & steve: married

There are 3 things that stand out to me as I remember back to Danielle & Steve’s wedding:  an incredibly photogenic couple, amazing Italian food and a heck of a PARTY!  Cheryl and I left this wedding with our memory cards and our stomachs FULL of awesomeness!  😉   It’s days like this that remind us of how sweet our job is because really, we couldn’t have had more fun hanging out with Danielle and Steve and their great group of friends all day as we shot their pictures in the perfectly beautiful Vancouver weather.  Then it was off to their reception, where the old saying “Italians do it better” couldn’t have been more true, as everyone danced and celebrated the night away.  Here’s some of our favorites from their day!

Check out Steve’s baby blues!

This was one seriously fun bridal party!  You could really tell how close they were and how much they loved Danielle & Steve.

Another shot to show how Cheryl and I often see things differently.  These were taken at the same time.

Behind the scenes secret: just moments after this picture, I asked them all to walk away from me so I could get a back shot.  Let’s just say I got what I asked for because one of Steve’s groomsmen flashed us!  Yes we got it on film but that little gem is for their eyes only 🙂

As a retired makeup artist, I can always appreciate when it’s done well!  Love it.

You guys are way too gorgeous, I can’t handle it!

They had the most amazing Latin dancers performing what I can only describe in one word: “HAWT”!  Should anyone be able to bend that way??

I don’t normally blog the bouquet toss, but this one just made my year!  If anyone ever deserved a bouquet it’s her!!!

Special thanks to Leo and his team at Wish Events for his work in making this day both spectacular and smooth!

Danielle & Steve~  We’ve enjoyed working with you and getting to know you both so much, and won’t soon forget all the fun times shared by all 🙂  Thanks for giving us one amazing picture after another on your big day!

ruby & steve: married pt. 4

So this brings us the the fourth and final event of Ruby & Steve’s awesome wedding extravaganza!  Traditionally with Indian weddings, the reception is held the day after the actual wedding.  I used to think that this had some cultural significance (and it may actually), however, I’m starting to suspect that it’s just to give everyone the time to recharge so they can party harder!  😉  Check out some of the highlights from their reception atThe Mirage Banquet Hall.

I must admit, it felt pretty sweet to roll up to Ruby and Steve’s reception only to be greeted by these 4 gigantic print mounts of our work!

So let me get this straight– first they get a white horse, now they arrive with fog??  Nicely done.

They had a bunch of great performances to keep everyone entertained.

Then the party started!   …and likely went on ’til WAY after we left!

Very special thanks goes out again to the always amazing Sharon (who’s practically the 3rd partner of Katch Studios by now!) who helped me shoot this event, since Cheryl had to fly home to Vancouver after the first 3 days of this wedding.

Ruby & Steve~  We had so much fun with you guys and want to thank you for letting us be such an intimate part of all your events.  You guys rock!

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