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ruby & steve: married pt. 1

Since Ruby and Steve’s epic wedding coverage spanned the course of 4 eventful days, we’re going to be showing you their pictures in a series of blog entries.  Quite frankly, there’s just so much to show you and we didn’t want to make one mile long post!  As every photographer always says, shooting a cultural wedding is always super fun because you really get to photograph such gorgeous traditions, colors, details and emotions, and this wedding was no exception!

Up first, here’s some shots from their engagement ceremony which was held at The Palace Banquet Hall.  Enjoy!

Yet again, an amazing makeup and hair job by Sunita Sumaru~  the best in the biz!

Check back soon for more from this awesome wedding!

jill & mark: married

Jill and Mark were a referral from a friend of mine, and I feel like in the time that we went from being strangers meeting up over coffee, to their e-session to now, I’ve grown to see what a lovely, genuine and kind-hearted couple they are.  From their personal notes left for each other, to their moving vows– it was obvious how much love and respect play a role in their relationship.  These two, along with everyone involved in their wedding, made us feel so warm and appreciated that there were times I forgot I was actually working the wedding and not just attending it!

This wedding truly was one of the highlights of our summer as I felt like everything just came together so perfectly– and we think the photos really reflect the energy and spirit of their day.  I know I always say this, but picking some favorites to feature here on the blog was nearly impossible!

It’s shots like this one that make me realize how much a photo can say.

OK so we went a little “kid crazy” AGAIN.  We can’t help it— the “mommy” in both of us comes out when we see such adorable little peanuts!

This bridal party was SO GREAT!  Such a genuine group of friends that truly loved Jill and Mark.

I love, love, LOVE these shots– the lighting, the angle, the expressions… it all just does it for me!

This shot makes me laugh a little because I was really teasing the boys on their “strutting skills”.  Now I’m eating my words!

This is a great shot taken by Cheryl that again, just tells the best story!  So romantic.

They held their reception at The Edmonton Golf & Country Club which has since become one of my favorite venues!  Jill and Mark also did an amazing job decorating the place with so many perfect little details.

Jill & Mark~  Your wedding day was beautiful in every sense of the word, and truly reflective of your genuine spirits!   Thanks for always having so much faith in us and our work.

Much Love,

karen & justin: married

To say that this wedding had “heart” would be a huge understatement.  I don’t know if I’ve ever been to a more emotionally charged, love fest before!  Karen and Justin clearly “love big” as was apparent in their open and easy affection for each other, as well as in the warmth that reflected onto them by all their friends and family.  The speeches alone were enough to make a softie like me a gigantic wreck as I got so swept up in all the emotion  ~how I could even see what I was photographing through all my tears I have no idea! 🙂  Here’s some of our favorites from their sweet day.

Didn’t Karen look gorgeous?  And she’s not even in her dress yet!

I think we went a little “kid crazy” shooting this wedding– talk about some poised and professional kids though!  It’s as though they were veterans of the whole “flower girl” and “ring bearer” gig 😉

Talk about one chic looking bridal party!  Let’s just say no one needed any tips on how to strike a pose  😉

It also didn’t take much to get them to goof around– this happened within 2 seconds!

These two were so natural with all their snuggles I felt like I should leave them alone for a few minutes! haha

Then their super cool limo driver went and did a McDonalds run for us~ by FAR my favorite “pigging out shot” ever!!!

Here’s where all the waterworks began… it was next to impossible not to feel all the genuine love and emotion in the room.

Karen & Justin~  We had such a blast being along for the ride that was your wedding!  Thanks for all the love and trust you gave us.  We know you guys are in for a great life together.


dana & jeremy: engaged sneak peek

I know I’ve met Dana before during our consultation last fall, but that still didn’t prevent my jaw from dropping when she showed up at our engagement session on Friday– all 6 feet of her!  (OK… so she probably isn’t 6 feet but that’s about how tall she looked from my 4’11” viewpoint!) I also met Jeremy for the first time since he lives in Calgary… and between the two of them, their wicked sense of style, the killer light of the sun setting and the hip, urban setting of downtown, I really felt like I’d struck photo shoot GOLD.  Here’s a little teaser from their session!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

fun with kids

Today as I drank my morning coffee and watched my daughter play in our yard, I paused and thought to myself– where has the summer gone??  It’s like I blinked and it’s drawing to and end!  With the craziness of wedding season pretty much swallowing me whole this year, there was barely a moment to actually edit any of our personal photos, let alone blog them– but I’m determined to get some of them up in segments over the next little while.  Aaliyah’s growing up so darn fast that at the rate I’m going she’s bound to be scooting off to school and I’ll still be blogging about her learning to walk!  …that’s hardly gonna win me any “Mother of the Year Awards” 😉

Here’s a couple of my other favorite subjects– my nieces Jaiya and Lehla.  These kids have the wackiest personalities and are no strangers to my camera being in their faces!

These were taken in the spring– as is given away by their sweaters.  We had just wrapped up a huge family brunch at my sister-in-law’s house and decided to try and burn off some of the buttery hashbrowns with some fun at the playground!  (you can still see the carb effect in Lehla’s lethargic eyes! haha)

This adorable little chica is another one of our nieces Shayden (also affectionately known as “Shady”)

Happy Thursday!

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