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jessica & simon: expecting

Well it seems as though we’re going through another baby boom~ or is it just that I’m at that age where everyone I know is either pregnant or has a newborn?  When Jessica and Simon asked me to do their maternity pictures I was really flattered because Simon works with my husband and it feels like only yesterday that we were guests at their beautiful wedding!  There’s only one thing I love more than seeing couples go through these special stages of their lives– and that’s being able to photograph them!

We shot these last month and Jessica and Simon have been waiting very patiently for them to be finished… in fact, I think they just had their baby in the last couple of days so this will be yet another little treat for them to enjoy!  I hope they can look at these pictures and remember the moments they spent anticipating the big day.  Here’s some of my favorites from their shoot 🙂

These two were so naturally affectionate with each other… I love that!

Gotta love cuddling in the forrest! 😉

I think they both look so hot in this shot! (…yes being preggo is hot!)

Jessica & Simon~  I hope you guys are enjoying your newest addition to the family and we can’t wait to meet him/her!

Lots of Love,

nina & punit: expecting

OK so maybe I’m a bit biased but I think Nina could give Tyra Banks a SERIOUS run for her money when it comes to “smiling with her eyes”.  It took us only a few minutes into the session to realize that not only did she make this whole pregnancy thing look easy– but she made it lookincredibly glamorous and appealing!  I don’t think you can look at these pictures and not yearn for a cute little belly of your own!  And Punit, well… let’s just say he held his own pretty well too (whenever he wasn’t making pose suggestions that involved his beloved Blackberry!)

These are two of our closest friends, so Cheryl and I both were thrilled beyond belief to be able to photograph this amazing time in their lives~  almost as thrilled as we are to meet their new addition next month!  (Do you think babies are capable of smiling with their eyes too??) Here’s a few of our favorites from the session.

I secretly wonder if Nina’s had cheek implants put in… those CAN’T be real!!  🙂

Here are those eyes I was talking about!

Love how this shot displays Punit’s “Fabio chest” and Nina’s perfectly adorable belly!

Can you say “effortless”?

Punit & Nina~ We love you guys and we can’t wait to see you become the incredible parents we know you’ll be.  Hope you love the pictures as much as we loved creating them for you!!

Big hugs,

January 25, 2010 - 10:34 pm

Mina Ok, so I’m biased but I just think my sister is so beautiful in these pics! You guys did such an amazing job with this shoot. Can’t wait to see one with our Princess in it with her parents!

baby aiden

There’s cute babies… and then there’s cute babies.  When I got the chance to meet little Aiden for the first time I couldn’t help but swoon over him like one of those obnoxious new moms– only thing was he wasn’t my kid!  (although I did seriously consider sneaking him in my oversized handbag on my way out) His parents Cherie and Ross were equally adorable as they doted on him with such love and tenderness– it reminded me of those first days home with my own daughter.  I know they’re eagerly awaiting these pictures of their sweet baby boy and I’m so happy to finally be able to show them what I saw that day~  the most perfect little family.

What a dream baby!  He let us fold him up into all sorts of positions and places with such little fuss.

Seriously– do babies actually come looking this perfect???

His gorgeous parents cuddled up like I wasn’t even there– gotta love it when people make my job easy!

Cherie you’re one HOT mama!

This bowl couldn’t have been the most comfortable replacement to his bassinet but he handled it like a true modeling pro.

One last family cuddle~  probably my favorite shot of the bunch!

Cherie & Ross~  I hope you can look back on these pictures for years and that they remind you of this amazing time when you started your new family together.  I’m so happy to have you as friends and to be able to give you this special gift.

Tons of Love,

jen & casey: wedding sneak peek

When I look over the pictures from Jen and Casey’s wedding last weekend, the only word I keep coming up with is “beautiful”.  I know that’s not the most creative or original word, but it’s just SO appropriate.  Everything about them and their wedding had a quiet elegance about it and I just loved how all of that translated into the many special moments we captured.

Jen and Casey~ I know you’re probably waiting anxiously for a sneak peek so here’s a few to tie you over!  We promise the rest will take your breath away but you’re gonna have to wait for those! 🙂

So I just got back from Vancouver and settled back into life at home and now I’m off to organize my gear again for a wedding tomorrow here in Edmonton– can you say “whirlwind”??  haha!  Hope you all enjoy your weekend and get lots of sun in!

Take care,

kate & ray: engaged

Like many couples that we photograph, Kate and Ray were anxious and worried that they’d be extremely awkward in front of the camera and that we’d really have our work cut out for us.  Having never taken any professional photos before, they were nervous that they would be stiff or unnatural –which is completely understandable, as we realize it’s probably not very common for people to be asked to sit and cuddle whilst having a giant lens just 2 inches from their faces!  This has become something Cheryl and I almost enjoy hearing now though because it just brings out that inner overachiever in both of us, and we end up challenging ourselves to create some really awesome photos.  We want our couples to be pleasantly surprised and give them pictures in which they look better than they ever thought they could look.  It’s always our hope, that we do a good job in capturing their love for each other in a natural and genuine way.

Here are some of our favorites from Kate & Ray’s e-session which Cheryl shot one pretty Spring morning at Granville Island –which is fast becoming our top requested location for e-sessions in Vancouver  🙂

They brought along their adorable little dog who was understandably more interested in chasing the pigeons than he was in posing still for pictures!

Kate and Ray had a silly self-deprecating kind of vibe about them which Cheryl loved.

Cheryl spotted this great little nook with some super cool dynamic lighting.

Too cute!  Love the innocence of this shot.

To Kate and Ray~  Thanks for being so chill and fun on this shoot.  Can’t wait for your wedding in August!

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