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jill & mark: engaged

“I’m what they call a bona fide city girl”

(bonus points to anyone who can figure out what movie I’m referencing!) Don’t get me wrong– I can do the whole camping, outdoorsy thing too once in a while, but what really cranks my chain is the hustle and bustle of the city and the character that can be found in every back alley and hole-in-the-wall store.  For this reason, I love shooting engagement sessions in urban settings.  There’s something cool and interesting every 2 steps you take, and it’s an art form in itself trying to find the beauty in the not-so-obvious places.

So when Jill and Mark said they were looking for “urban” I knew we were gonna have a great time!  They were up for everything and never once so much as even hesitated when I’d ask them to sit in front of a restaurant’s door or snuggle inside a dirty nook!  Here’s some of my favorite shots from their e-session.

We joked about this being the “conjugal visit” inspired shot! haha

Nothing like a sugar break!

I just LOVE doors– especially cool looking ones like this one.  Weird, I know!

Thanks to my second shooter/friend Sharon for getting this ultra cool shot!!!

Thanks so much Jill and Mark for being so cool!  Can’t wait to shoot your wedding next month- we know it’s going to be awesome.

Much Love,

family sessions: sneak peeks

Well it looks like I’m going to have a super busy weekend ahead of me, so I thought I’d take this quick chance now to show you all a sneak peak from a couple different shoots I just did.  We’ve been doing a lot of family sessions lately which I LOVE, and which comes so naturally now to me considering I usually spend most of my free time taking pictures of my own little girl.   Enjoy ~and have a fabulous weekend!

Meet Baby Aiden

Jessica and Simon are expecting their first little surprise in just a couple more weeks!

sora & mike: day after

What’s the ultimate compliment to a photographer?  Trust.  We need to feel like we’ve got our clients’ complete trust in order for a shoot to really take on it’s full potential, and Mike and Sora must have trusted me considering we didn’t exactly have the most ideal start.  Let me explain.  After exchanging a few emails, we had arranged for a consultation over coffee…and then one of my worst nightmares happened (well “worst” in the eyes of a total “Type A” like myself!) I accidently stood them up!!  I had referred to the wrong time in my daytimer (first time EVER) and left them sitting there waiting for me for almost an hour!  Let’s just say when they agreed to reschedule the meeting and then ultimately booked me, I was a bit surprised as well as deeply flattered.  Flattered that they trusted in my work and in me.  That’s just the kind of people Mike and Sora are.

They had a destination wedding a few months ago and decided that they really wanted some special pictures that reflected their love for one another.  Here’s some of my favorite shots from their “Day After” session.

Sora looking beautiful!

I love me a good “groom shot”– and Mike makes it look easy!

LOVE the colors in this one– they’re looking pretty hot too!

Just wanted to leave off with these ones because they’re so darn sweet!

Mike and Sora~ Thanks again for letting me be a part of such a special time in your lives!

karen & justin: engaged

When I first met Karen and Justin in the fall over coffee and wedding albums, we ended up chatting up a storm for almost an hour like long lost old friends.  The 3 of us just seemed to “click” and I confidently assumed it was my iresistable charm and magnetic personality that just did it for them…  that is, until we met up again a couple weeks ago for their e-session and they also totally hit it off with my friend Sharon too who was second shooting with me.  Sharon kept whispering to me in between shots They’re so awesome!  I love them!!! And I just kept replying I know!!  Aren’t they the BEST? It turns out, I couldn’t take the credit for our connection at all, as this cool couple is just THAT warm and personable!!!  It’s almost impossible NOT to feel comfortable with them and their positive vibes are just plain infectious!  Our shoot FLEW by and I felt like I should just stop directing them completely, since they were workin’ it like models the entire time with no need for my lame prompting!  Justin actually came up with most of the ideas himself and I thereby pronounced him “Creative Director” of the shoot.

So this is what you get when you take 2 beautiful people in love, their adorable dogs and an off-leash park!

I’m pretty sure the bum grab was all Justin’s improvising…

I swear, they’ve done this before and just aren’t telling me!

Even their dogs knew how to pose for the camera!

This shot is so sexy to me.  Nice work Justin!

Doesn’t Karen look absolutely gorgeous??

Karen and Justin~ we are so thriled to be shooting your wedding next month and can only assume that everyone there will be just as kind and warm as you two are.

Lots of love,

danielle & steve: engaged

Hmmmm… for a girl who isn’t on Facebook and until last week was still using a beloved cell phone from 2003 (the battery died on me and yes, I’m still in mourning) who would have ever thunk that I would be BLOGGING???  As you might have guessed, Kat, with her mad computer skills, is the ‘techie’ behind our website and blog and THANK GOD for that!

For my very first blog entry I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to blog about!  Danielle and Steve are the most good natured, easy going, fun-loving couple.   They were up for anything and never once blinked at any of my suggestions during their photo shoot, even if it meant that they had to lie down on a dirty grimy grate, sit on bird poop, eat ice cream in less than warm temperatures and get intimate while a bus load of tourists gawked at them!  In return I would do ANYTHING for them, including almost getting run over by a car while capturing the perfect shot!  This jock and quiet Italian beauty have such an ease and comfort with each other that photographing them felt so completely natural.

LOVE these candid moments – these two are total naturals!

Okay, can’t help but admire Danielle’s perfectly toned arms… those are going to look killer in her wedding dress! Can’t wait!

Before having to do it in front of a camera, who knew there was a “pretty” way to eat ice cream???  Danielle has mastered the skill!

Embracing 21st Century technology and looking forward to more blogging in the future,

f a c e b o o k