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the gloria family

Ronna and I met when I worked as a makeup artist at MAC Cosmetics.  Our paths seemed to run in similar directions all the time, and soon we found ourselves both working at the same store location, holding the same management positions, and even traveling and rooming together on a work trip to New York!  I guess it shouldn’t have been much of a surprise to us then when we discovered yet another life similarity:  we were both pregnant with our first babies and due within just weeks of each other!  Perhaps we’re kindred spirits and we don’t even know it??  😉

Fast forward to a year later– I’ve now got my little girl Aaliyah and she’s got her ridiculously adorable little rockstar Izaak!  To say that I was flattered when she asked me to photograph them is a huge understatement– I was beyondthrilled and honored to be able to capture this little moment in time for them and their growing new family.  They were SO natural to shoot, and all rocked it out as a family in every shot like pros.  I think Izaak could seriously give Baby Zoolander a run for his money!  No joke.  Check out a few of my favorite shots~

To Ronna and Sjon,  thanks SO MUCH for welcoming me with open arms into your home and making the shoot so fun and easy!  Your natural love and affection for each other and for Izaak warmed me to the core and made my job feel absolutely effortless.  To Izaak–  I hope our plans for an arranged marriage pan out and we can one day see little mixed Filipino/Icelandic/Indian/Vietnamese grandchildren running around!

Lots of Love,

sora & mike: day after sneak peek

This weekend proved once and for all that Kat + warm weather = ONE HAPPY CAMPER!  It feels like summer has just been teasing us with it’s brief little cameos lately, so needless to say when it really showed up, I soaked it all in and caught up on a lot of bbqing… and more importantly- eating!

In between all that eating, I managed to fit in a super fun shoot with a wonderful couple.  Here’s a sneak peek from their Day After Session 🙂

Hope you’re all having a fabulous start to your weeks!  Be sure to check back often for tons more pics to be posted as we’ve been keeping very busy lately!

jen & casey: engaged

It took a few prayers to the weather Gods, but after many checks on the forecast and some anxious looks toward the impending rain clouds, we lucked out and Jen and Casey got their perfect day!  Cheryl shot their engagement session a couple weeks ago at Deer Lake Park in Vancouver and called me immediately after to give me the low down:  amazing couple that is so obviously smitten with each other, a gorgeous location chock full of cool photo spots, and a looming storm that politely waited until Cheryl’s last frame was shot before it decided to rain down on them… don’t you love when things just work out perfectly?

And before I go straight into showing some of their lovely photos, I just thought I’d share with you the cutest moment from their day (be warned:  this is so sweet your teeth may hurt a little). Cheryl had positioned them on a pier and invited them to just be natural as she was going to step back and take some candids.  Just as she was snapping away, through her viewfinder she watched as Casey leaned into his fiance’s ear and whispered something.  Cheryl couldn’t hear what he said, but she could read his lips: “you’re beautiful”.

(Cue simultaneous “aaaaws” from the general female population)

How gorgeous is she??

For someone who said she wasn’t comfortable in front of the camera, Jen really knew how to work it like a supermodel!  And check out those cheek bones– puhleez!

Jen and Casey LOVE hiking and the outdoors so we couldn’t think of a more fitting location than this to capture their spirits.

We love props!!!  Casey was cool enough to bring along his bike for some fun and adorable action shots.

To see the rest of their engagement session Click here for a slideshow!

We are sooo looking forward to shooting their wedding in June and are sure that as was the case for this day~ everything will work out perfectly.   Big kisses to you both and we hope you love your pictures!

the gloria family: sneak peek

Not a lot of things can top a great day of baking, sunshine and then a super cool e-session with a fantastic couple~  but what did was the sweet onslaught of bear hugs I received from my baby daughter once I got home from the shoot.  I had only been gone for about 2 hours, yet still she exuberantly greeted me at the door as if I’d been away for weeks.   This kind of love makes you feel so warm inside it almost hurts.

The Gloria Family knows this kind of love so well.  Here’s a little sneak peek from their family session last week.  I can’t wait for them to see more soon!

Happy Wednesday everybody 🙂

album layouts

What do you get when you take a sick husband, a sick baby and a week of combined coughing, sneezing and general neediness?  (–no, not 2 confirmed cases of Swine Flu!) Aside from a house full of medicine and misery, one thing’s for certain that you DON’T get is a whole lot of productivity on my part.  The really impressive feat though was how I managed to not get sick myself!  (MY white blood cells are CLEARLY of a superior breed!).

Anyways, they both seemed to have gotten better this weekend which means I can try and get some actual work done now~ aaah the joys of having a home-based business I tells ya!   So I’ve been meaning to share some album layouts with you guys at some point to give you a better idea of the kinds of spreads we put together for you after your big day.  We use Renaissance for our flush-mount “coffee table style” wedding albums, as they’re truly the best of the best– no joke.  The quality is impeccable and tough to beat as far as we’re concerned.

These are a few examples from an album I just finished designing for our last wedding:  Candice & Grant.

Hope you’re all soaking in the sun and enjoying the warmth!  I know I’m about ready to BUST out of my winter wardrobe and embrace all that is bare legs and sleeveless tops!  I think the longer you deprive a “city girl” of her open-toed shoes, the more ready she is to do some Sex and the City-esque prances along the sidewalk in her heels (I’m sure my neighbors really get a kick out of this ridiculous sight!)

f a c e b o o k