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candice & grant: married

I can’t say enough good things about this couple.  No really— they are two of the coolest, most welcoming people I’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting.  We first got to know Candice when we shot her best friend’s wedding last year (Sarah & Jarrad, featured in our website galleries) and from her first inappropriate (yet, hilarious) joke, I could tell we were gonna get along real nice.  Then, I met Grant– and he was just as funny, kind-hearted and genuine as her!  So when they decided to book us for their February wedding, I was nothing short of thrilled because I knew it would be not only a beautiful winter wedding, but a raging good time!

And let me tell you, they definitely didn’t fail to deliver!  I mean, what couple do you know that has a groom posing in his undies next to a set of giant antlers, and a bride that insists on sliding down the banister of her hotel room??  These two gave new meaning to the term “Kodak Moments”.   The majority of the day took place at one location which was both lovely and convenient.  With the exception of the bridal party & Us sessions, we spent pretty much the whole day at The Delta South Hotel in Edmonton.   To all the soon-to-be-brides that are reading this:  if you’re looking for low stress this is definitely the way to go!  With no running around or traffic to deal with, everyone was really able to just relax and enjoy the day.

To Candice and Grant and your whole awesome bridal party– thank you SO much for being totally welcoming, ridiculously charming and so darn laid back!  There wasn’t a single idea or suggestion we made that you all didn’t jump head first into.  And despite the crazy, freeze-your-toes-off weather (sorry ladies!) you all showed the kind of love and support that only good friends would give.

Congratulations you two and I wish you an amazing, fun-filled life together!  (Just try to stay out of trouble…haha!)

I am so in love with this picture– the little half smile that’s going on is just so intriguing.

The lighting in this room while she was putting on her dress was so ridiculously amazing– a photographer’s dream!

And because I’ve already had so many people ask where this is– it is indeed, the Delta South Hotel!  They have these cool bi-level suites that are so spacious, it felt like we had a whole house to ourselves.  And did I mention the gorgeous giant windows?

I love this candid shot of Grant glancing at Candice– too sweet!

Then it was time for the bridal party & Us sessions… for that we all braved the cold and headed to The U of A campus.

See guys, we’re not crazy– THIS is why we asked you to “run around Candice and Grant really fast”!!  😉

This is one couple that’s definitely not afraid of a little PDA…

We dipped inside one of the school buildings to warm up, and let me tell you… that’s exactly what they did…  (Ok Ok so asked them to…  whatever! haha)

Back at the hotel’s bar–  I love this private little moment alone together.

I wasn’t exactly sure what was going on here, but I caught a few shots of one of the wedding guests shooting his own impromptu photoshoot.  Nice moves Candice!!

Special thanks to the wonderful Sharon, who shot this wedding with me in the absence of Cheryl who was busy in Vancouver with her brand new baby (more on that soon!).  Sharon, your talent amazes me– but it’s your friendship that impresses me to no bounds.


Well there’s your educational enlightenment for the day!  Bye! haha just kidding.  Sorry, this is about as clever as I get when I’m sleepy so please excuse the lack of a more creative title for the post, as I’m starting to see cross-eyed from editing all night and can’t wait to hit my beckoning pillow… aaaaah sweet sweet pillow how I love thee…

Just wanted to check in and say I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth or been kidnapped by a pack of traveling gypsies (although that would be pretty cool…)  I’ve been super busy editing and will have tons of new pictures to show you guys really soon.  Some are wedding shots and some are just of us that we got taken in Vancouver for use in our bios.   It’s always funny when you’re editing pictures of yourself because you can’t help but think why isn’t there a photoshop tool that’ll make me look like Gisele Bundchen??? We’ll also be making some other changes to the blog right away that are very exciting that will allow you to see a lot more photos more easily, so check back soon!

And because blog posts just never feel complete without a picture, here’s some behind-the-scenes shots from our shoot.   *Note: Hysterical laughter almost always ensues when you try to get us to “act serious”

Goodnight and have a great weekend!

March 13, 2016 - 10:56 am My employer namely likewise acute of YouTube humorous videos, he likewise watch these even among company hehehe..

ruby & steve: engaged

I first met Steve when we shot his twin sister Sarah’s wedding last June (featured in our website under Sarah & Nitin). To this day, I still have such vivid memories of the outpouring of love that came from every member of her family as Sarah said goodbye.  It’s an East Indian custom to symbolically leave your own family to go become a part of your husband’s– and in her case it was all too true, since she was actually leaving that day from Edmonton to live in Calgary.  Of everyone, Steve moved me the most, as he embraced his sister with such genuine emotion and made me so weepy in the process that I could barely even see through my lens!

Just as his love for Sarah warmed my heart then, so did the way he looked at his fiancee Ruby during their engagement session a couple weeks ago.  We shot at the beautiful Fairmont Hotel MacDonald in Edmonton on a brisk day (and by “brisk” I mean freezing cold) As a couple, Ruby and Steve were super chill (no pun intended) and so laidback and fun to shoot.  It was tough to even narrow it down to these favorites, but enjoy!

I can’t wait for their wedding at the beginning of August, which will include a busy 4 days’ worth of festivities and events!  East Indian weddings always deliver the most gorgeous details and rich traditions so I know the photos will be amazing (as will be the food! yum!!!)

my baby turns 1

OK so I’m starting off this post with another apology– my blogging hiatus this time was due to my baby girl’s 1st birthday, which ended up taking a lot more of my time and energy than expected!  I guess I could’ve just blown up a few balloons and thrown some cheetos onto a plate and called it a day, but in typical “Type A” fashion, I decided to throw a big circus-themed party and invited a ton of friends and family to our modest little home.  It was all worth it in the end, as we had a fantastic time, and although Aaliyah will never remember any of it– I hope she’ll look back on the pictures one day and realize how she made this year for us the best any parents could ever ask for!

Hugs and kisses to my little sweetie pie 🙂

OK so now I’m REALLY going to get some work done so that hopefully within the next couple of days I’ll have some new engagement photos finished to show you…

P.S. For anyone wondering- that cake was sinfully delicious!!!

Have a great weekend!

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