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ruby & steve: engagement sneak peek

Has it really been 2 weeks since I last posted?  Wow– boo to me!  I know you can’t see me right now, but I’m hanging my head with shame…

Needless to say, I’ve been pretty busy, and in fact, just got back from Vancouver yesterday.  You know how it is– eating, shopping and catching up with friends can really make it hard for a girl to keep up with her regular blogging! 🙂  On the positive note, in between all that tedious fun, Cheryl and I managed to squeeze in a mini photo session for ourselves for a change!  Check back with us soon, as we plan on using these “glamour shots” on our website and blog… it’s high time we got rid of those out of date head shots, in place of some where we’re both actually in the same frame! haha!

On a completely unrelated note (I’ve got great segway skillz, I know!), just wanted to share a couple shots from an e-session we did recently of Ruby and Steve– two amazingly sweet people (who didn’t look at me funny when I asked them to go out into the -25 degree frost!)

I’ll post again soon with more from this great couple, but for the time being, these 3 shots will have to do.  I’ve got much catching up to do tonight… so here’s to lots of coffee and a sleeping baby!

Peace out!

candice & grant: wedding sneak peek

So is anyone else shocked at the crazy turn of events on The Bachelor???  I’ve gotta take a second here to use this as my own personal forum and ask anyone else who’s been sucked in to this guilty pleasure- Can Jason just be SURE for once, before he goes on proposing to everyone?!  If you’re counting, that’s now 3 girls for which he’s gotten down on one knee and proclaimed his everlasting love for… and he didn’t end up with any of them!  It’s gonna feel pretty anti-climactic when he proposes for the 4th time.  OK, now I’ve said my piece.  Hit me up with a comment below with your thoughts on this oh-so-serious tv matter so we can be nerds together 🙂

Now here’s a real one that definitely worked out.  Last weekend we had the great pleasure of shooting Candice & Grant’s wedding.  I’ve still got a ways to go before I’m finished post-production on all their pictures but couldn’t resist giving you all (and them!) a little teaser in the mean time.  How can you not believe in true romance when you see shots like these?  Enjoy!

Here’s the blushing bride moments before saying her “I do’s”.  Isn’t she gorgeous?

These two needed very little coaxing to get up close and personal… work it!!

Stay tuned for more from their wedding in the weeks to come.  I can already tell I’m going to have a very difficult time narrowing down my favorites to show you… they’re all taking my breath away.


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