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the lightening round

So what else is facebook good for besides constantly distracting me from getting any work done? Well it’s where I came across this idea for my latest entry– it seems like a fun and quick way for you guys to get to know me (in all my shameless glory!) just like an old friend, only without having to have spent the past 10 years together through all my questionable hairstyle choices!


1. I’m a self-taught photographer who has grown accustomed to seeing all the special moments of my life occur from behind a lens.

2. In front of 60 of our closest friends and family 3 years ago, I married my awesome hubby Gurdeep after dating him for 7 years. I wept like a baby  through the entire ceremony.

3. My laugh, at times, can be obscenely loud and from the gut…with the occasional snort sneaking out. And much like Elaine from Seinfeld, I’ll shove you or smack your arm when I think something is particularly hilarious (which is pretty often)

4. My baby daughter Aaliyah is the reason I breathe.

5. I’m a reality TV JUNKIE…and if there were a rehab for that, I wouldn’t go!!! Because how can something so wrong, feel SO right?

6. For a 28 year old, I have a lot of old lady tendencies- like knitting, scrapbooking, sewing, and brushing my teeth with Sensodyne… No wait, that last one’s my husband! haha- Sold him out!!!

7. I bought an oldskool Gameboy off ebay because playing Tetris on it reminds me of my childhood.

8. I don’t drink alcohol. My tolerance is zero so even a sip of the stuff will send me on a trip down Vomit Lane. But, really,who needs a glass of wine to help you wind down before bed when you’ve got Tetris?

9. I have a brother and sister, as well as 3 fabulous sisters-in-law that I inherited after marrying my husband… let’s just say Christmases around our house are NEVER boring!

10. I think Carrie should’ve ended up with Aiden, not Big.

11. I’m a huge sap, and chances are I’ll cry during your ceremony while I’m shooting it… and when your dad sees you for the first time… oh, andwhen your sister breaks down during her speech…

12. I could live and die in Forever 21.

13. I’m painfully sensitive to smells. 99% of colognes and perfumes make me nauseous so if you’re wearing any, you can bet I’m breathing through my mouth while I’m with you (but don’t worry, it’s become a reflex!)

14. I love love LOVE cooking and eating. If I weren’t a photographer, I’d make it my life’s mission to become a judge on Top Chef!  Move over Padma!

15. I’m so not a morning person, and instead, find all of my energy once the sun goes down (which is why many of you receive email responses from me at 1am)

16. I’m only 4’11” so you’ll never see me in anything without a heel! I’d walk around my own house in stilettos if it weren’t for the dings it’d leave in my hardwood…

17. I’m very sentimental and hang on to almost anything that’s got a memory attached to it.  In the back of my closet there’s a ratty old box from my teenage years full of angst-ridden notes from Cheryl and faded ticket stubs to prove this!

18. My favorite part of being a photographer is knowing that I can freeze a moment in time forever… it’s not unlike a superhero power, really.

19. I looove people that are smart and funny (which might explain my awkward schoolgirl crush on Conan O’Brien) So if you can make me laugh- I want to be your friend. (but be warned, see #3)

20. I know I’m a work in progress in both my personal and professional life, and being better than I was yesterday is always what drives me.

…and yes, those are 3 inch platform heels behind that grass!  🙂


vaishali & jeff: day after

When we were growing up, I used to terrorize my little sister. Whether it was the time I convinced her to taste the “soup” I made out of mud and berries from our backyard, or the time I hid in our bathroom and stunned her with a surprise face-full of my dad’s shaving cream. For whatever reason, I took it as my duty as “older sister” to remind her every day of her place in our family’s hierarchy, and though we both laugh about it now- I’ll take this as my opportunity to apologize and to thank her for all the the times she took it in stride (and didn’t seek revenge by shaving my head while I slept!)

So now I’m playing a little”catch-up” with the first in a series of a few blog posts featuring shoots we did over the past few months (I just can’t let them vanish off into a life of obscurity, only to exist in my hard drive!!)

Veronica inquired about getting some pictures done for her older sister who had just gotten married in Toronto. She explained that she really wanted everyone to see how she saw them:  beautiful and in love. So not only did she set up a whole surprise photo session with yours truly, but she also commissioned makeup artist & stylist extraordinaire Sunita Sumaru (the best in the city- and not just because she’s my sister-in-law!) To top it off, right after the shoot she whisked them off to what they thought was just a friend’s party, only to have them walk in to a giant post-wedding surprise reception in which they were the guests of honour! Such a touching act of sisterly love–makes me want to pick up the phone right now and call mine! I was humbled to be asked to take these special pictures of Vaishali and Jeff and I hope now Veronica, everyone truly will see what you see.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the shoot.

We shot these in their neighbor’s beautiful garden.  They cracked me up with stories about how they’d often have bbq’s and parties on their deck and just look down into it pretending it was theirs!

Then we finished up the rest of the shoot in their house.

This was my favorite shot.

Or maybe this one’s my favorite?

And of course a shot of Vaishali & Veronica– thanks to your whole family for being so sweet!

happy valentine’s day

What a difference a year can make.  This time last year I was 8 months preggers with my first baby, and the thought of doing much other than sit on the couch while watching cheesy romantic comedies and eating bon bons was just out of the question (…Ok so I’ve never actually eaten a “bon bon” before but it sounded funnier than popcorn)

Here’s some pictures Cheryl took for us right around that time.

That’s either “pregnancy glow” that you’re seeing or I just ate a big meal… (more likely the latter)

This Valentine’s Day, I awoke to Aaliyah’s adorable little munchkin face as my husband Gurdeep plopped her on me, and they both smothered me with kisses.  Aaah, life is sweet.  Neither of us has ever really been too big on the conventional Hallmark holiday aspects of Valentine’s Day– you know, the whole chocolate and flowers deal, but I think becoming a daddy has begun to bring out the inner softie in Gurdeep, as he surprised us with just that!  Maybe next, he’ll start requesting “The Notebook” over “Old School”…

I hope you all spend today doing whatever it is that makes you happy– whether that means a romantic dinner for two or a guilt-free shopping spree for one.   Do it up!!


better late than never

I’ve never been one for new year’s resolutions. Something about the idea of resolving to do something at the start of a new year just seemed odd and random to me. If I really wanted to do it, I shoulda done it by now! I figured. But this year was different. I’d been struggling to find the time and motivation to put together a blog for months now, but life kept on coming and it seemed that my dream would remain just that- a dream. In the meantime, I’d constantly come up with these ideas for things I would’ve posted… or Cheryl and I would take some amazing pictures that I desperately wanted to share with our friends/clients… and I’d think to myself Bah! If only we had a blog!!!

So, that’s how I found myself doing what I’d always written off as pointless: I made a new year’s resolution. 2009 would be the year Katch Studios finally had a blog. A deadline was set. (I’m all about deadlines- and without them, I’d probably allow myself to watch ALL of my pvr’d tv shows in one sitting!) And yes, I realize it’s February 12th and I’m about 43 days late… so sue me! Even Martha Stewart is allowed to be late sometimes, right?!?

Anyways, I’m SOOO glad we’re here now, and I look forward to letting you guys know a little more about us! To our clients, we are SO touched you let us into your lives to photograph you and your loved ones. THANKS and we’re honoured to call you “friends”. To potential clients, if you choose us we’re pretty sure you won’t regret it (and we’ll stop at nothing to ensure that– including bribing you with gifts and showering you with compliments!). And to the frequent visitors and blog-stalkers, we love you guys the MOST because you give ME a reason to continue blogging (after all, it’s kinda lame to blog to an audience of just our husbands and paid friends!)

Lotsa Love,

f a c e b o o k